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For decades, if not centuries, we have created a society disconnected from the environment. However, we are facing processes that require a  transformation  that allow to improve the conditions of our surroundings, at the same time that we improve the circumstances  individual and collective of ourselves as human beings.  


We need to respond to the fact that human activity over the past centuries and millennia has damaged the healthy functioning of ecosystems. The availability of resources is declining around the world, while demand increases as the human population continues to expand and we continue to erode the functioning of ecosystems due to irresponsible designs and unbridled consumption lifestyles (Wahl, Daniel Christian, 2019 , Sustainability is no longer enough, we need regenerative cultures).
We seek to generate a regenerative culture in schools and  organizations creating a focus and understanding, not only towards the individual, but towards otherness and the environment that surrounds it. We want to transform the degenerative system that has been constantly repeated, which has managed to cause a structure  of competencies that discourage creativity and the development of innovation, as well as the focus of the motivations that each individual has.
It wants to contribute to promote human development in an integral way, where a critical and systemic thinking of the  decisions  that are taken on a day-to-day basis, generating congruence with the social and environmental surroundings. It works with the responsibility of  individual about their actions and  excuse me  they can affect otherness. Having a constant dialogue to form a community  cohesive and thus strengthen the social fabric.
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